Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Angels vs. Women Pt. 2

This was the follow-up teaser we shot for the exorcist series that got us into Mel Gibson's office. It was actually this little teaser, which was more polished and such, that didn't go over very well.

Mr. Gibson liked the first teaser but neither Mel nor Steve McEveety, his producer, liked this one. Take a look:

Eve in Paradise

This is the latest piece of concept art for the film I'm going to produce...one day. Admit it; you want to go back to Paradise.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Grace... Kelly

Probably the classiest dame ever put on film:
Grace Kelly

Why Hate Women - Redux

One of my contacts who reads my blog pointed out that the last post was incomplete and unhelpful...I did not link it to Satan enough for him, or the ANGELS vs. WOMEN thing.

As noted a few posts back, I said that "light does not fall on this (beauty) from above and from outside, rather it breaks forth from the...interior." With the idea that beauty is not purely subjective (...in the eyes of the beholder...) but objective, it makes sense that God created Woman with external beauty as an outward sign of inward reality: she is a window to God.

And since God is so far beyond our comprehension, Uncreated Beauty, the closest thing we have to our Maker on earth is Woman:

Friday, May 9, 2008

Why hate women?

(storyboard from a film I'm developing...)

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." Do you remember that ad line? I think it was a hair commercial or make-up or something. Why would something be hateful if it was beautiful? Jealousy.
...the personal comparison with another, more "beautiful" than yourself? Note that must mean beauty is recognizable, has a quantifiable nature (more or less beautiful) and that some beings are favored with great beauty, and we can see it intuitively and objectively.

Jealousy can lead to insecurity, loss of self-esteem, anxiety, fear...anger, violence, murder. That little green-eyed monster exists, potentially, in all of us.
"EVE ENCHANTED" by Carrie Wachsmann

But Beauty also leads to desire, which leads to action, which leads to discovery and adventure...these are the qualities that make beauty so powerful and valuable - and the key to understanding why a beautiful woman can stop traffic, turn heads, drive others mad through jealousy, unto rage and even death.

And to think that God made Eve that way BEFORE she ate the forbidden fruit.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Beauty, thy name is Woman" - Pt. 3

Angels vs. Women: ROUND ONE!

Check out these images from a film I was developing. Nitrogen Studios provided the artist for these concept drawings of Lucifer, the Prince of the Angels, before he saw a woman......and after he freaked out and rebelled against God and tried to kill everybody and everything out of jealousy...
...here's another view....
Silly Moron. Nobody beats God.

Intermission: The Greta Garbo Demo

The little film here was a teaser/screen test for the actress, Yelena Popovic. She and another writer friend of mine wrote a script about Greta Garbo, and I produced this along with some other guys.
Yelena has this incredible resemblance to the late film icon, Greta Garbo. Judge for yourself:

Monday, May 5, 2008

"Beauty, thy name is Woman" Pt. 2

The eyes are the windows of the soul.

It's pretty cool to think that you can see into someone's soul by looking into their eyes. Sometimes we see beauty, sometimes we see evil, sometimes we see a mess, violence, angst, sadness, loneliness...you name it. The perceptive can see a lot through observing the eyes of others.

I know a few exorcists, because at one time I was developing an exorcism show with a couple of other guys. Here's a teaser that we put together that got us into Mel Gibson's office for a meeting about a TV series possibility:
This teaser got us in the door, but didn't get us the deal. Too bad. However, the exorcists we met told us that it's the EYES that give away the evil spirits that hide within a person's body.
The Eyes? Yes, the eyes....the very same windows into the soul.

Which leads me back to Woman, the pinnacle of living beauty on earth. Through her eyes, man sees not only her soul, but also his own, and something even more amazing: through Woman man will see God.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Beauty, thy name is Woman

The title of this post comes from a poem, written a long time ago by a guy in love... I'm guessing. But beauty is more than "she's hot!" or other modern adjectives for beauty. So why the picture of the car? It's beautiful, yes, but it's not alive. It's curves are attractive, aerodynamic, inviting, promising...but it's only an inanimate object.

"Beauty" is wholeness or integrity, proportion or harmony, and splendor, radiance, light, brilliance. The chief characteristic is 'radiance'. The last is vital to separating objects, like cars, from Woman, the living beauty: light does not fall on this (beauty) from above and from outside, rather it breaks forth from the...interior.

Eve, the first woman, was not an amalgamation of evolving sweat and amoeba. Beautiful women are not the results of evolutionary process. Take a look at anything intelligent people build - like the car makers - and you'll see the "evolution" of their designs. Often the first is ugly, the second is not bad...the 1000th is looking sweet!

But women? No such rudimentary stages for them. Here's a photo of a cave woman:
Obviously, this photo was taken a long time ago...almost 1,000,000 years BC!
More to come in "beauty - take 2"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Men, Beauty and Freedom "Take 2"

I'm in the movie industry most of the time. We rely on imagery and a few words to sell a vision or context to an audience. As many of you know already, a lot of movies suck because it is hard to tell a good story. Here's a film I made a few years ago:

The film is about the difficulty in communication and how to resolve it, using beauty, brains...and a gun.

Isn't that the way it is? We parade military might, so practised in precision and heavy with overtones of danger if crossed...and we constantly do this as a race. We're doing it now, and until the world is choking on violence and death, I think we'll be doing it for a while.

I know for a fact that beauty is a teacher, however. And that means there are important lessons to be learned from the very existence of beauty...that is, WOMAN.

Next post: Beauty, thy name is Woman.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Men, Beauty and Freedom

Men often think of two things when we think of beauty:
The first is a woman and the second is fire power!
The power to rule the world, the power of a strong military, destructive power and the power of ORDER.
Why? Because it's a man's way of feeling secure in a world of danger.

We want to be able to control the world, and since we cannot control everything we want to be seen as capable of inflicting great harm to those who would control us.
Take a look at the history of the Cold War - and take a look at what is happening now, in Russia, China, the USA.

Those are all countries that want their empires to remain or rebuild, to have a 1000 Year Reich, but not call it that.

Watch the video - see how "beautiful" destruction can be...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beauty is the Catalyst for Freedom

IMAGE - Monica Bellucci, "Mary Magdalene", The Passion of the Christ

The title of this post sounds pretty superficial. However, it's true. Evil hates beauty, because it moves men to fight for freedom, and men are willing to do anything in the quest for freedom.

IMAGE - "Demon Rampage" by Nitrogen Studios

Look around you. In this world it is beauty that captivates people, or motivates people to do things they wouldn't do, both good and bad. And if you say to someone, tell me what pops into your head when I say "beauty" - 99% will say "woman".

It's not a political or religious thing, or a purely masculine thing. Even women know they are the bearers of the standard of beauty. Cars, buildings, etc...things men build, all motivated directly or indirectly by a quest to recreate forms of beauty - measured consciously or not by the greatest visible expression of beauty: women.

Be honest and you'll see that what I am saying is true. And if it is true, accept it because it's part of "the truth that will make you free."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Eve was a really big surprise!

IMAGE: "Creation of Eve" by Keith Hamilton
I remember the first time I saw a woman who was so beautiful I could not take my eyes off her...Adam must have felt that. Only he was lucky; Eve was naked and did not mind a bit.

Book is Pt. 1 of the map home

Somebody asked me why I wrote "To my Beloved Eve..."
I wrote the book, because I'm grateful for women, and because I was angry at God for the screwed up world we live in. It's easy to blame God because He doesn't argue, and there is some satisfaction to venting one's rage at the Almighty...but it's an illusion, really.

There is no one else to blame for the mess we're in as a human race - BUT - if there is a way in, there has to be a way out.

Adam had it all, then lost it all, then tries to get it back, then realizes it's not so easy... that's the story of anyone who's ever won and lost. Some lose big - like Adam and Eve - and some lose small. That is the human condition.

After finishing the book I realized something; Adam and Eve are very, very similar to many people I know. It makes me think that they really did exist and enjoyed a real Paradise.

Which means we can get back there, via the same route we left - with God's help.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Important Differences

I love comics. I think that in many ways, it's like a poor man's version of viewing the Sistine Chapel over and over again, only it changes, the costumes cover more (not much more!), and everyone is in super-shape. The Sistine Chapel is really the first seriously cool visual story ever laid out... a Renaissance comic.
There are a lot of men and women and angels on the Sistine Chapel walls, mostly naked, and all of them wrapped up in a very exciting tale that begins in a Paradise and ends in Hell or Heaven - the classic visual story told in numerous comics over the years.

However, what I've noticed in comics, especially superhero comics, is the hyper-masculinity of the WOMEN, not the men... it's like comic book heroes have changed organs.

In fact, the men are often the social ones now, doing the relationship patching and the "hey, let's talk about this..." routine. That's okay, I guess, if you're a girly-man.

But the reason why Wolverine is the most popular X-MAN is because he drinks, smokes, and isn't a girly-man. He's a guy, with a heart sometimes, and that's better than a man-in-tights who'd rather talk about relationships.

Nowadays, comic book women are aggressive, all-knowing, virtually omnipotent and the farthest from feminine you could imagine. They not only kick butt like men, they swear like men, they spit, fight, burp... what the heck? Why? When did this mutation take place in the feminine gene pool?

As impressive as women are, I've yet to see one stand up after being punched by a 250-lb boxer who knows how to throw a punch.

Obviously, the gender ID crisis felt in the general public and the artist community is reflected quite viscerally in the art of the comic book world. Everyone there and here is searching for the "way to be" for themselves, and the gender confusion felt by superheroes was created by 45 years of radical feminist re-education in universities and on TV.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comments and Reviews

This is for anyone who has or would like to read "To my Beloved Eve..." Leave a review or comment here. I'd love to hear some feedback.