Friday, May 2, 2008

Beauty, thy name is Woman

The title of this post comes from a poem, written a long time ago by a guy in love... I'm guessing. But beauty is more than "she's hot!" or other modern adjectives for beauty. So why the picture of the car? It's beautiful, yes, but it's not alive. It's curves are attractive, aerodynamic, inviting, promising...but it's only an inanimate object.

"Beauty" is wholeness or integrity, proportion or harmony, and splendor, radiance, light, brilliance. The chief characteristic is 'radiance'. The last is vital to separating objects, like cars, from Woman, the living beauty: light does not fall on this (beauty) from above and from outside, rather it breaks forth from the...interior.

Eve, the first woman, was not an amalgamation of evolving sweat and amoeba. Beautiful women are not the results of evolutionary process. Take a look at anything intelligent people build - like the car makers - and you'll see the "evolution" of their designs. Often the first is ugly, the second is not bad...the 1000th is looking sweet!

But women? No such rudimentary stages for them. Here's a photo of a cave woman:
Obviously, this photo was taken a long time ago...almost 1,000,000 years BC!
More to come in "beauty - take 2"

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