Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beauty is the Catalyst for Freedom

IMAGE - Monica Bellucci, "Mary Magdalene", The Passion of the Christ

The title of this post sounds pretty superficial. However, it's true. Evil hates beauty, because it moves men to fight for freedom, and men are willing to do anything in the quest for freedom.

IMAGE - "Demon Rampage" by Nitrogen Studios

Look around you. In this world it is beauty that captivates people, or motivates people to do things they wouldn't do, both good and bad. And if you say to someone, tell me what pops into your head when I say "beauty" - 99% will say "woman".

It's not a political or religious thing, or a purely masculine thing. Even women know they are the bearers of the standard of beauty. Cars, buildings, etc...things men build, all motivated directly or indirectly by a quest to recreate forms of beauty - measured consciously or not by the greatest visible expression of beauty: women.

Be honest and you'll see that what I am saying is true. And if it is true, accept it because it's part of "the truth that will make you free."

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