Monday, May 5, 2008

"Beauty, thy name is Woman" Pt. 2

The eyes are the windows of the soul.

It's pretty cool to think that you can see into someone's soul by looking into their eyes. Sometimes we see beauty, sometimes we see evil, sometimes we see a mess, violence, angst, sadness, name it. The perceptive can see a lot through observing the eyes of others.

I know a few exorcists, because at one time I was developing an exorcism show with a couple of other guys. Here's a teaser that we put together that got us into Mel Gibson's office for a meeting about a TV series possibility:
This teaser got us in the door, but didn't get us the deal. Too bad. However, the exorcists we met told us that it's the EYES that give away the evil spirits that hide within a person's body.
The Eyes? Yes, the eyes....the very same windows into the soul.

Which leads me back to Woman, the pinnacle of living beauty on earth. Through her eyes, man sees not only her soul, but also his own, and something even more amazing: through Woman man will see God.

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