Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comments and Reviews

This is for anyone who has or would like to read "To my Beloved Eve..." Leave a review or comment here. I'd love to hear some feedback.


Anonymous said...

This is a great book. Thank you for writing it.

Anonymous said...

Halfway into it I thought it was good, but not great. By the end, I thought it was fantastic. S. Kerr

Grahame said...

'Only now, because we have lost so much, are we aware of what we had.'

Francis Testa speaks of expulsion from Paradise on every page. It is the gorilla of all gorillas in the room. As it should be. As well, I can't help but think on a personal level that to know love and lose it is a reminder of that greater expulsion - a reminder imprinted on all souls.

There are those who would say that love is a complex ritual for women, and a simple one for men. For such individuals, I recommend reading this book to grasp the pain and joy that lies in the heart of men....and how resilient and tender that heart can become when partnered with a woman's heart.

Must all good things truly come to an they did for Adam? Is this finite quality to our lives inseparable from the human identity? One thing is certain, Francis Testa reminds us that LOVE is an aspect of our humanity that men and women continue to label ETERNAL. An eternal gift from God.

-Grahame Wood (Writer, Toronto, ON)