Friday, May 9, 2008

Why hate women?

(storyboard from a film I'm developing...)

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." Do you remember that ad line? I think it was a hair commercial or make-up or something. Why would something be hateful if it was beautiful? Jealousy.
...the personal comparison with another, more "beautiful" than yourself? Note that must mean beauty is recognizable, has a quantifiable nature (more or less beautiful) and that some beings are favored with great beauty, and we can see it intuitively and objectively.

Jealousy can lead to insecurity, loss of self-esteem, anxiety, fear...anger, violence, murder. That little green-eyed monster exists, potentially, in all of us.
"EVE ENCHANTED" by Carrie Wachsmann

But Beauty also leads to desire, which leads to action, which leads to discovery and adventure...these are the qualities that make beauty so powerful and valuable - and the key to understanding why a beautiful woman can stop traffic, turn heads, drive others mad through jealousy, unto rage and even death.

And to think that God made Eve that way BEFORE she ate the forbidden fruit.

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